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Sliding axle container trailers

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Slide Trax™ - Tilting flatbed trailer with hydraulic sliding axles

Kerr Trailers has launched a new model of trailer with a tilting platform for light or medium-sized trucks, the Slide Trax™. Built to transport equipment which gives a low angle to the ground with a tilting platform, the Slide Trax™ is ideal to transport equipment such as asphalt pavers, fork lifts, hydraulic scissors, tractors, mini excavators, loaders, etc.

Designed an produced in Quebec, Canada, the Slide Trax™ tilts approx. 12 degrees from the rear, by a horizontal displacement of the axles, which allows the operator to unload equipment in a short period of time without effort. To load equipment, when the job is done, the operator needs to do the reverse manoeuvre and the equipment is back on the Slide Trax™. No need to carry out ramps.

With its independent hydraulic system, the Slide Trax™ is easy to operate and offers a good stability for relatively heavy equipment that's hard to load or unload quickly. With a low maintenance cost, the main frame of the Slide Trax™ is guaranteed by Kerr Trailers over a period of five years.

Available with different axle configurations and lengths, the Slide Trax™ comes with a range of options to work easier and safer.



Made in Quebec, Canada  •  Financing available  •  3D assisted software design  •  Custom built trailers  •  5 year warranty on main frame
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