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Galvanized steel trailers because who has time for painting?

April 26, 2013

Galvanized steel trailers because who has time for painting?

Sandblasting, touching up and painting your rusty trailer…do you really want your employees to be spending their time doing that, all the while your trailer remains idle? A galvanized steel trailer requires very little maintenance and will last a very long time.

What is galvanized steel?
Galvanized steel has been put through a chemical process to prevent it from corroding; this is the result of a process known as hot dip galvanizing.

The procedure involves coating steel with a thin layer of zinc, a protective metal that is not attacked by rust. By dipping the steel in a molten bath of zinc at a temperature of approximately 460˚C (860˚F), the ensuing chemical reaction, known as galvanizing, eternally bonds the zinc to the steel. In effect, the zinc becomes a part of the steel. Unlike paint, the zinc does not act simply as a sealer, only coating the steel, but it becomes a permanent element of the steel.

The external layer of the galvanized steel is essentially zinc; subsequent layers are a combination of zinc and iron, and the inside layer is pure steel.  These multiple layers endow galvanized steel with the astonishing ability of withstanding corrosion.

Advantages of purchasing a galvanized trailer

- A galvanized trailer will maintain its resale value
- Pressure washing will not damage the galvanized trailer
- Galvanized trailers are scratch resistant to stones, chains, cargo and machinery
- Galvanized steel offers maintenance-free corrosion protection for nearly 50 years
- The service life of a galvanized trailer will be at least 25 years
- The average cost of sandblasting and repainting a 24 foot painted trailer is roughly $2500.00.

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