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Quality Kerr Trailers: Maximum strength, minimum maintenance

Since 1992, Kerr Trailers have been building safe and reliable trailers. Our goal at Kerr Trailers is to manufacture quality trailers that require as little maintenance as possible letting you focus on your work.

All Kerr Trailers come with the following warranties:

At Kerr Trailers we offer the following:

NATM Compliant Trailer Manufacturer
Kerr Trailers was the first Quebec Trailer Manufacturer to be a member of NATM
Today, as the longest standing NAMT compliant Quebec trailer manufacturer (more than 10 years) all Kerr trailers are adorned with the red, white and blue NATM compliance decal attesting that in the making of the trailer safety was a priority.

At Kerr we believe that our customers, the people who use our trailers on a daily basis, can provide us with the most constructive feedback. Our customers’ input helps us build better trailers.

At Kerr Trailers, our commitment to excellence and innovation allow us to offer you top quality, safe and low-maintenance trailer.

Made in Quebec, Canada  •  Financing available  •  3D assisted software design  •  Custom built trailers  •  5 year warranty on main frame
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