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HD air brake trailer
Kerr Trailers now offers custom built air brake trailers for the heavy truck industry. Please contact us to get a quotation for your project.
Custom Kerr trailers
Kerr Trailers goes the extra mile to satisfy our customers’ needs by manufacturing custom trailers. We have several categories; perhaps one will suit your needs.
Kerr Chain Drive Trailer
Kerr Chain-Drive container trailer makes it easy to load and unload containers. Available in 42' and 24' lengths and are designed with Sliding axles to allow a minimal loading angle.
  custom made sliding axle trailer
Kerr sliding axle trailers, with minimal loading angle, allows specialized machinery to be moved swiftly and securely. These trailers come standard equipped with an independent hydraulic system.
Deck over flat bed platform trailer
This line of Kerr flatbed trailers has earned a great reputation for its quality and durability.
Low profile equipment trailers
Kerr equipment trailers are designed to withstand intense use and their low center of gravity provides increased stability.
low bed tilting bed trailer
Thanks to durable frames and simplicity, Kerr tilt trailers have proven to be an excellent product. Extra heavy lock-downs are used with cushion cylinders.
Heavy duty dump trailer
Kerr custom dump trailers are sturdy, versatile and extremely reliable; ideal for multiple types of cargo.
Military trailers & special projects

Kerr - trailer manufacturer

At Kerr Trailers, we are often amongst the first trailer manufacturers to add original features and innovative technologies; we stay up-to-date with the most recent products and raw materials. We are one of the first Canadian trailer manufacturers offering GALVANIZED Flatbed trailers; only original Dexter Axle™ trailer axles and brake parts are used when manufacturing Kerr Trailers. Kerr Trailers is the only trailer manufacturer in Québec which meets the standards set by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers USA (NATM) program; the goal of the NATM is to define and uphold the safety standards that must be followed by the trailer manufacturing industry. At Kerr Trailers, our commitment to high quality and innovation allows us to offer you a safe, low-maintenance trailer. Please fill out a quotation request form and we will give you a quote for a custom-built trailer.

Made in Quebec, Canada  •  Financing available  •  3D assisted software design  •  Custom built trailers  •  5 year warranty on main frame
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